E-mails with CryptoLocker

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Be aware of e-mails with attachements!

Current Warning – March 2017
TechBiz is currently experiencing many clients that receives e-mails with harmfull excel-files. The e-mails are in Danish, but they could also be in English or other languages. If opened, the user is asked to avtivate Macro, which encrypts all the users files. This also includes all the files the user has access to on the company network.

As with all ransomware attacks this can mean long downtime and severe dataloss for your company, so be aware!

Three tips:
– Newer click on attachments if you don´t know the sender or the e-mail
– Read all pop-up messages and ask sender/colleague/TechBiz if you are in doubt
– Newer trust the sender, it can easily be faked

What you should do if you are hit by cryptolocker?
1. Turn of your computer
2. Call IT help (call TechBiz at +45 70200979)
3. Warn colleagues

What can TechBiz do to help?
At first we isolate the computer(s) that has been hit and makes sure the attack is not spreading. Afterwards, we determine how many files are encrypted and start recovering files from your backup.

Why is our antivirus and SPAM filter not working?
Antivirus solutions and SPAM filters are catching massive amounts of malware every day. But at the same time it is also a race against the makers of malware (ransomware, cryptolocker), and sometimes the bad guys are ahead. It is therefore important that we all as IT users are critical when reading e-mails and makes sure we do not let in harmfull software in our companies (or private networks for that matter).

We hope this post, can help your company avoid malicious attacks. If you have any questions to this post or on IT security in general, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Yours IT truly,
Team TechBiz